What Is ChiArts Listening To?


by Allan Ayala

I was curious about what the student body of The Chicago High School for Arts (ChiArts) was listening to. What are the kids these days rocking to? What’s hip and cool? How many different tastes do people have? Is there any overlap? To qualm my many questions, I sent out a survey and I’m here to report the results.

Who are some of your favorite bands and artists right now? Why are they your favorite?

Angel, Senior: Frank Ocean, Doja Cat, Taylor Swift, Summer Walker. They are my favorites because they are chill, but also so skilled in their music writing/producing. 

Alyna, Senior: Doja Cat, Prince, SZA and Rico Nasty. I love their styles. 

Adalys, Freshman: Conan Gray – If I am not motivated to write or I just feel out of it, listening to his songs help me stay focused and work better. Lil Nas x – Not only is he a POC but a member of the LGBTQ+ community so already I look up to him in some way. His music is also different than other artists at this time. I would say he is an artist that stands out a lot right with his music videos and lyrics. Let alone expressing his sexuality.

Ari, Senior: Will Wood and the Tapeworms, Ado, Shayfer James, Pierce the Veil, and a few more I can’t think of right now- I just like the vibe that they and their music have, and the energy too. I can listen to calmer, more flowy music, but I can only handle so much at a time before I get bored or whatever the right word is. I also really like the lyrics and messages behind them! Deeper meanings are cool!

James, Freshman: The Misfits, Destroy Boys, Dead Kennedys, MF DOOM, Rage Against the Machine (RATM), and Mac DeMarco. I like lots of punk music, MF DOOM has some of my favorite beats and samples. RATM is my only exception to disliking rap rock. Mac DeMarco’s music is just chill.

Ahmad, Senior: Monsune, Brahny, Joji, Tyler the Creator.

Ray, Junior: Right now, it’s sort of an awkward mix. My favorites are BTS, Last Alliance, and Eslabón Armado. I think they’re my favorite right now because I kind of got tired of only listening to music in English. I needed some language variety.

Jailen, Senior: As of right now, it’s Wallows. I really enjoy the alternative style — the music makes me feel like I’m in a movie.  Also Weyes Blood, she makes me feel free and grounded when I listen.

What are some of your favorite songs right now? Why are they your favorite?

James, Freshman: “Crybaby” – Destroy Boys, “All Caps” – MF DOOM, “She” -Misfits, “Ode to Viceroy” – Mac DeMarco, “Alrighty Aphrodite” – Peach Pit, “Family Ties” – Baby Keem Ft Kendrick. Bangers all around.

Ray, Junior: My favorite song right now is “Outro: Ego” by BTS. The intro is so good. The way the beat builds up towards the hype feeling is so sick and I just love Hobi’s voice so much.

Mia, Senior: “Witness” – Mt. Joy. I really like the change in the way the song is (beats, lyrics, music) towards the end of the song.

Charlotte, Freshman: “Mannequin” by Wire, “Big Dipper” by Built To Spill, “Ballad of Big Nothing” by Elliot Smith, “Made of Stone” by The Stone Roses. I get obsessed with songs for about a month at a time and the aforementioned ones are my current obsessions

June, Senior: “Why Do I Cry” by Margo Guryan, “zombie girl” by Adrianne Lenker and “John Wayne Gacy,Jjr.” by Sufjan Stevens. They all fit the fall atmosphere, especially when I’m on the blue line so I gravitate towards them more.

Adalys, Freshman: Taylor Swift “Wildest Dreams” and Somi “XOXO” – I am currently going through a break up and they feel like the perfect song to blast in my room and just scream the lyrics to. Megan Thee Stallion “Girls in Hood” It makes me feel like a baddie.

Elijah, Senior: “So It Goes” by Mac Miller, “In A Sentimental Mood” by Ellington & Coltrane, “Brian Is The Most Beautiful” by Memo Boy. They fit the vibe the weather is giving off.

Angel, Senior: “Pain” by PinkPantheress and “What Kind of Love” by Childish Gambino. I feel that both fit with the weather and my mood right now so I listen to them often.

What are some of your favorite albums? Why are they your favorite?

Alyna, Senior: “When I Get Home” by Solange, “Igor” by Tyler the Creator, “Sweetener” by Ariana Grande THEY LIT.

Ray, Junior: One of my favorite albums of all time is probably Narcissist on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown by Crywank. It’s some of their earlier work and I really enjoy the acoustics and pure vocal rawness in the tracks. Also the lyrics are very well put and you can tell it’s just raw emotion going into those songs.

Charlotte, Freshman: Unknown Pleasures, literally any album by The Smiths, Doolittle, Depression Cherry, Pink Flag, In The Aeroplane Over the Sea… it goes on. Same reasons as before. 

Ahmad, Senior: Igor, Moon by Brahny, Lover is a Day by Cuco.

Jailen, Senior: Planet her by Doja cat – I love this album because of its versatility throughout the album and her realness.

Adalys, Freshman: Planet her by Doja cat. The album never fails to make me happy. it’s the type of album I can put on and everyone will Injoy.

June, Senior: “Songs” by Adrianne Lenker, “Amir” by Tamino, “Strange Cacti” by Angel Olsen and “Their Satanic Majesties Request” by The Rolling Stones. I always end up listening to these albums over and over again even if I don’t mean to. They’re all just really, really good albums.

Mia, Senior: Fate – Dr. Dog. Every song is it’s own. Each song has its own unique complex things about it and I love listening to them, finding new things I didn’t hear before.

Elijah, Senior: Swimming by Mac Miller, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. They are solid pieces of work and influential in the genres they’re a part of.

Penny, Junior: I luv luv luv Garlic by Omega Sapien.

What’s your favorite album/song that has come out in 2020 or 2021?

Ari, Senior: The Normal Album by Will Wood and the Tapeworms is my favourite album, Brutal by Olivia Rodrigo is my favourite song :^)!

Jailen, Senior: Cold heart by Elton John and Dua Lipa.

June, Senior: “Like We’ll Never Have Sex” by Leith Ross is really good. It’s not officially out yet, but it’s a gorgeous song.

Mia, Senior: Chasing Birds – Foo Fighters.

Elijah, Senior: Limbo by Amine.

Penny, Junior: Super Duper Party People by Allie x.

Angel, Senior: Good Days- SZA.

James, Freshman: Open Mouth Open Heart- Destroy Boys.

Such a diverse and excellent collection of songs. I love talking to people and hearing everyone’s music taste, it’s such a great conversation starter because people will immediately jump at the chance to talk about the things they’re passionate about. The way their eyes will light up as they talk about a certain musical artist, the nostalgia when they talk about one of their favorite songs. It’s wonderful how music can bring people together. 

Overall I’d say if you were looking to impress some youth, pop on Good Days by SZA, crank up that Doja Cat, and then listen to some IGOR by Tyler the Creator.

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