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ChiArts’ New Look: Fresh Administration Ushers In New Ideas, Policy

ChiArts has a new administration in the building. What does that mean for the student body?

The Social Media Rabbit Hole

Social media can be an addiction for many, but why is this?

Is ChiArts’ Tardy Policy Justified?

This is about the tardy life every students has struggled with at least once or daily.

Is The Dress Code Really Working?

Our school's dress code has a lot of people upset. What does administration have to say about it?

What Do ChiArts Students Eat for Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is celebrated nationwide, but meals are different household to household.

What Zodiac Sign Has The Most Supernatural Experiences At ChiArts?

by Gray Dawson For many years, there has been a question floating in the air,...

What Is ChiArts Listening To?

by Allan Ayala I was curious about what the student body of The Chicago High School for Arts (ChiArts)...

What Are The Best Holiday Movies?

by Daniela Morales ‘Tis the season when night comes at 4 p.m and the stress is on for finding...

LookBook: ChiArts Students Show Off Their Style

by Lydia Wilbon   Dressing for school can sometimes feel a bit uninspired and useless. Here are some students who take pride in their look.  Justice Mosley,...

Is The ChiArts Election System Legit?

by Abigail Facundo There is a need within the American school system to have some form of government outside the school faculty, so we need...