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LookBook: ChiArts Students Show Off Their Style

by Lydia Wilbon   Dressing for school can sometimes feel a bit uninspired and useless. Here are some students who take pride in their look.  Justice Mosley,...

Is The ChiArts Election System Legit?

by Abigail Facundo There is a need within the American school system to have some form of government outside the school faculty, so we need...

Is Vaping the New Weed?

Vaping is everywhere this year, and it's not as healthy as it seems.

Could ChiArts Get A Basketball Team?

ChiArts has a basketball club that meets twice a week. So could the art school sustain a full-fledged team?

The History of Humboldt Park

by Alex Huizar Beginnings Alexander Von Humboldt was a German naturalist and geographer. He never actually visited Chicago when he went to America, but the because...

Change at ChiArts: How The Student Union Came to Be

The newly created Student Union at the Chicago High School for the Arts is just the beginning to becoming the "safe space" the school claims to be.

ChiArts Students Demand Anti-Racist Policies Following Incident

An incident sparks an intense school-wide discussion about race on campus.

We Demand Bean Bags

The 2018 Creative Writing class was promised bean bag chairs for classwork when coming to the school, but where are they?

Are Safe Spaces Necessary?

Safe spaces are great up to a point. And then we need to start addressing conflict openly.

Interpreting Integrated Arts

Integrated Arts, one of the many classes that makes ChiArts unique, has gone through changes with different teachers. What are they?