Is ChiArts’ Tardy Policy Justified?

This is about the tardy life every students has struggled with at least once or daily.

Is The Dress Code Really Working?

Our school's dress code has a lot of people upset. What does administration have to say about it?
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What Zodiac Sign Has The Most Supernatural Experiences At ChiArts?

by Gray Dawson For many years, there has been a question floating in the air, on whether or not your zodiac / astrological sign has...

OPINION: Give Us Our Lockers Back!

The benefits outweigh the risks when it comes to giving us lockers.

All You Need to Know About ChiArts’ Curtain Call Performances

The year online ends with a gorgeous array of senior showcases that can be watched by anyone anywhere.

ChiArts Seeks Self-Care Amidst the Pandemic

by Trinity Simmons-Brooks The Coronavirus Pandemic caught all of us off guard. It seems like it's been a year since we’ve all been in a proper school setting.

We Might Be Headed for Another, Bigger Shutdown. What Does ChiArts Think?

We are entering into another month of shutdowns, with further restrictions looming. What does ChiArts think?

The Class of 2024 Weighs In On Remote Learning

A peek into how the freshman are feeling after their first quarter of remote learning in high school.

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This Virus Has Affected All of Us. Here Are Some of Our Stories.

ChiArts students share their stories of strength and challenge during the time of Coronavirus.