Top 5 Horror Movies of All Time

Image courtesy of Lionsgate.

by Ruth Jones

Nightmare on Elm Street 

This movie steps off the screen and into reality. It’s so close to the viewer because we all have dreams and we all have fears, so nightmares as a representation of our lives — and a horror movie having that as an outlet — makes it feel as if the audience could experience this movie as they go home after they watch it. It’s, of course, a classic and the antagonist has character and a story.


Jeepers Creepers

He’s never really gone. I like how deep into Creeper this movie goes, rather than focusing on the characters and the people around him. Creeper has no remorse for anything. It’s almost a senseless scary movie, but he does have a background. I like that he’s a mute; that makes him even more sinister and demonic. It adds to Creeper having no mercy or sense of anyone except  himself and what’s he’s returned for: a feast. 


Haunting in Connecticut

It’s based on a true story which makes it ten times more appealing and chilling. “Haunting in Connecticut” has great acting and holds deeper meaning. It connects with all the thrills and touches the audience on a personal level — audiences can relate to loving someone more than they love you. The cinematography and acting by Kyle Gallner  were both a ten out of ten, it definitely hits home by trying to deal with maintaining a sick family member or someone close.



Insidious steps outside right into our backyard, but the other side of it. Insidious takes us from normal earth and we experience and earn about astral projection. This is definitely a movie of pop ups. They keep you with a pillow in front of your face the whole time. You never knew what object would pop up flying next or what dead entity might have slipped in while you’re sleeping.


House of Wax

Other than the cliche character pair-ups, the plot is a complete twist from the start. I like how there isn’t a long wait before the film gets to the slicin’ and dicin’. “House of Wax” is a modern twist on the “Texas Chainsaw” franchise, but at a higher level. I like that the film writers don’t give anything, away but they play along with the horror movie tropes. 


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