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Review: ‘Any Shape You Take’ is the Perfect Companion for Teenage...

The cover art for "Any Shape You Take" by Indigo De Souza. by Gael Granados

Into the New K-Pop Generation, Girls’ Generation

Girls' Generation is one of the most important groups in K-Pop.

Top 10 Albums of 2021

The new year is well underway, so let's reflect on the year of music that's just passed us by. These ten albums...

What Is ChiArts Listening To?

by Allan Ayala I was curious about what the student body of The Chicago High School for Arts (ChiArts)...

Great Songs for A Fierce Fall

With the beginning of a new season comes the beginning of a brand new playlist. Here are five tracks to start off this fall just right!

Patti Smith Examines Boundaries Between Dreams, Waking Life in ‘Year of...

The third in a series of memoirs, "Year of the Monkey" is another excellent offering by one of the celebrated founders of punk music.

A Brief History of Alternative Music

There's always been confusion about what constitute alternative music. What, exactly, is it an alternative to?

All The Pretty Colors: An Evocative Playlist

Songs that will make you see colors.

AirPods: Outstanding or Overrated?

These little white headphones are everywhere. Are they worth the high price tag? ChiArts students weigh in.

Best Drake Songs to Cry to

by Vianca Soria Everyone needs to have a good cry from time to time. Here are just a few things that might make a person...