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Patti Smith Examines Boundaries Between Dreams, Waking Life in ‘Year of...

The third in a series of memoirs, "Year of the Monkey" is another excellent offering by one of the celebrated founders of punk music.

A Brief History of Alternative Music

There's always been confusion about what constitute alternative music. What, exactly, is it an alternative to?

All The Pretty Colors: An Evocative Playlist

Songs that will make you see colors.

AirPods: Outstanding or Overrated?

These little white headphones are everywhere. Are they worth the high price tag? ChiArts students weigh in.

Best Drake Songs to Cry to

by Vianca Soria Everyone needs to have a good cry from time to time. Here are just a few things that might make a person...

We Want a Comeback!: Artists Who Need to Put Out Some...

by Luisa Bloom Teenagers these days are listening to a variety of music — from K-Pop to hip-hop, teens listening tastes are more diverse than...

Top Five Worst Songs of 2017

These five songs are not invited back in 2018.

Can You Hear Those Sleigh Bells Jingling Way Too Early?

By the time December 25 rolls around, I'm exhausted by the radio.

Taylor Swift’s Second Single Sets Up New Album ‘Reputation’

Taylor Swift is back with new music!