All You Need to Know About ChiArts’ Curtain Call Performances


by Daniela Morales

As Spring comes to an end, so does the school year, and with it come the final performances of the graduating seniors. What better way to celebrate the arrival of summer than by watching the seniors showcase their talents as ChiArts students for one last time? 

Theater Conservatory

For their final show, the theater conservatory seniors interpreted the Shakespeare play “The Tempest” in an adaptation that speaks to our past year of isolation due to the pandemic. 

The play follows Prospero, a pair of doxxed hackers that create a magical surge storm in order to trap their enemies into a virtual island. It is divided into three parts, with the audience being able to choose what story to follow after watching the opening. 

Watch it here.

Creative Writing Conservatory

In this reading-within-a-play, the creative writing seniors demonstrate both their individual and collaborative talents. From Yelp reviews to sci-fi to poetry, the writers showcase their range. 

The year is 2031 and the Creative Writing Class of 2021 has come together for a 10-year reunion reading, when the world starts to crumble around them. How will they react? 

Watch it here to find out.

Visual Arts Conservatory

The visual arts conservatory demonstrates their flexibility to adapt to the remote situation in this showcase of photography, sculpture, drawing, and animation. 

Explore their works here.

Dance Conservatory

Despite being in different locations, the dance conservatory put up a show to remember. Featuring student choreographies and editing, this show brings all dancers together.

Watch it here.

Music Conservatory

There were two curtain calls for the music conservatory — one for the instrumentalists and the other for the vocalists. The instrumentalists perform a wide range of musical genres featuring percussion, strings, winds, and piano. The vocalists show off their substantial range in a slew of diverse works.

Watch it here and here.

Watch out for the Musical Theater Curtain Call premiering June 11, which will debut on the same website.  

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