What Zodiac Sign Has The Most Supernatural Experiences At ChiArts?

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by Gray Dawson

For many years, there has been a question floating in the air, on whether or not your zodiac / astrological sign has an impact on your chance of seeing a ghost. So I took to the halls of ChiArts to get the answer. This is what the teachers of ChiArts had to say. 


Science teacher Paul Dorney is the first one up on this list. While Dorney didn’t believe 100 percent in spirits or ghosts, he said he has in the past had moments where he might have experienced something when he was just beginning to wake back up.

Science teacher Jay Jarosz, unlike Dorney, does not believe in spirits or ghosts at all, but said that that may one day change if he experiences something. 

Vice principal Abbey Cullen said that while she is open to the idea of ghosts / spirits, she has not experienced anything.

S. Moe said he believes in spirits / ghosts and has seen shadow figures from time to time. 


J. Holman firmly believes in spirits but does not believe in ghosts. Holman has also experienced the presence of a spirit, more specifically Holman’s deceased mother who inhabits their home.

S. Adler believes that spirits/ghosts do exist but has not experienced anything.

D. Graham said they did believe in spirits/ghosts and has even heard people say their name when no one was there. 


J. Zambrano does believe in spirits/ghosts. He said that their Father traveled to Iraq for work when he was a child, and picked up a stone with inscriptions on it and brought it home. Zambrano said that he started sleepwalking for the first and only time, and the family would hear pounding and voices. When he looked into the stone and the place the stone was found they discovered that the stone was from an altar for the god Isis. That was the last time Zambrano experienced something like that.

J. Layton said she does believe in spirits/ghosts. As a child Layton lived in a very small town and Layton’s childhood home was once the town jail. Layton spoke of the time when she was a teenager and was taking a picture in her house. When Layton looked at the photo she saw a face that had no possible way of being there. And later the phone, shutdown completely and reset itself on its own.

O. Tabbara gave a firm yes when asked if he believed in spirits/ghosts. Tabbara said that when he was a child he would feel someone laying in his bed and also getting out of his bed. 

C. Pinto is up in the air in regards to her beliefs about ghosts/spirits. However Pinto said that a couple years ago, she was waiting at a bus stop on her way to work. It was a cool fall day so everyone at the stop was bundled up in coats, except for one pretty young lady who was dressed in a flowy sleeveless and sandals. She turned her head to look to see if the bus was coming and the lady disappeared. 


J. Larson gave a firm yes, and mentioned that she had family members who spoke to her through songs. 


S. Foley said he does believe and that he can sometimes feel energies around him.


K. Keefe said that they did believe in spirits/ghosts, and while they were on their couch with their partner and watching a horror tv-show, their partner pointed out some of the weird things that had been happening in their apartment. Their partner jokingly named the ghost little Michael, and Keefe’s lanyard that was hanging on their key rack, jolted to the side as if it was smacked.

E. Blue said he believed in spirits/ghosts. He went on to tell of the time in the middle of the night when he saw a little boy in front of his bed, and when he went towards it, it walked away before disappearing.

O. Munoz while he does believe in ghosts/spirits he said that what he has experienced could be chalked up to coincidences.


A. Paluck said that he wasn’t sure if he believed in ghosts/spirits or not and hadn’t experienced anything.

C. Cashman said that he does believe in spirits/ghosts but has not experienced anything himself.

Unfortunately, I was not able to get all the Zodiac signs, nor the equal representation required to make this an accurate representation, but from the data I did gather, it appears Aries is in the lead in both believers and those who have experienced something. All four of the Aries interviewed had an experience, and each experience was notable and detailed. 

Aquarius came in second with three out of the three Aquarius correspondents saying they believed and all of them said they had experienced something but Munoz was unsure as to its credibility. 

Libra was third with all three saying they believed but only two of the three said they experienced something which ultimately forced it to third place.

Interestingly, Gemini came in fourth. I was able to interview four Geminis, but only two said they believed and only one actually had an experience.

Leo and Capricorn tied in fifth place as each only had one teacher but both teachers recorded having experiences and believing in ghosts / spirits.

This brings us to last place. Scorpio. I interviewed two teachers who were Scorpios and while both teachers had at least a bit of belief in ghosts / spirits, neither had experiences.

In the end, what does this all tell us? Aries was the only fire sign at the top and it oddly came in first. While the other three, Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini, were all air signs.

If you are an air sign, you have a relatively good chance of experiencing something supernatural related. And if you are an Aries you have a great chance of experiencing something. So keep an eye out everyone! Who knows what you might see.

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