Tracy Letts Visits ChiArts

On February 27, 2018, actor and playwright Tracy Letts visited ChiArts.

ChiArts Students Weigh In On Spirituality

ChiArts students have a diversity of opinions about spirituality.

ChiArts Has A Union. How Much Should Students Know About It?

The ChiArts teachers' union has a definite presence in the school. But the issue of transparency for students remains sticky.

Paul Dorney Opens Up

After being absent for most of the 2016/17 school year, Paul Dorney is back to teaching!

Black Culture Showcase Stuns for Another Year

The annual Black Culture showcase was certainly a crowd pleaser at the Chicago High School for the Arts.

This Virus Has Affected All of Us. Here Are Some of Our Stories.

ChiArts students share their stories of strength and challenge during the time of Coronavirus.

ChiArts Students Need Self-Care Too

Self care is critical for the school with the longest day in the country. Students and teachers weigh in.

Where is the Union Now?

by Elizabeth Vazquez Last spring, The Chicago High School for the Arts (ChiArts) was dotted with red t-shirts on both students and teachers. Some students had gone further by creating posters and writing on themselves,...

Who Exactly is Represented by the ChiArts Student Union?

A collection of student thoughts on the newly formed ChiArts Student Union, and how the Union plans to bring about change.

ChiArts Executive Director Jose Ochoa Wants to be An Advocate for Students

A profile on one of ChiArts' founders, and the school's current executive director.