The Double Space Guide to the Illinois Primary Election

by the staff of the ChiArts Double Space The year 2020 is a big one for elections. While the national news is all abuzz about the presidential election, there are plenty of local elections that...

A Face You’ll Remember: Makeup Looks at ChiArts

Three ChiArts students speak up about one of their most cherished art forms: their makeup.

Meet Ms. Milsap, A New Familiar Face at ChiArts

Get to know ChiArts' new principal, who will be focused on student safety and advancing the school's values.

ChiArts Winter Look Book

by Taylor Jenkis It’s that time of year! The chill of winter has set in in Chicago. The weather has been all over the place this year, but it’s safe to say that we are...

How Should We Deal With Mental Health Issues in 2019?

The ChiArts community weighs in on mental health in the modern world.

Where is the Union Now?

by Elizabeth Vazquez Last spring, The Chicago High School for the Arts (ChiArts) was dotted with red t-shirts on both students and teachers. Some students had gone further by creating posters and writing on themselves,...

Chicago Gun Violence Still Exists, and We Should Be Paying Attention

by Taylor Jenkins One of the most violent weekends in Chicago just happened a little over a month ago, ending in 7 people being shot and killed, according to the New York Times. It wasn’t...

LookBook: ChiArts Students Show Off Their Style

by Lydia Wilbon   Dressing for school can sometimes feel a bit uninspired and useless. Here are some students who take pride in their look.  Justice Mosley, Junior “My sweatshirt is from my great-grandma, the bottoms are leggings...

Is The ChiArts Election System Legit?

by Abigail Facundo There is a need within the American school system to have some form of government outside the school faculty, so we need student-run governments. While it is important for students to have...

ChiArts Has A Union. How Much Should Students Know About It?

The ChiArts teachers' union has a definite presence in the school. But the issue of transparency for students remains sticky.