Change at ChiArts: How The Student Union Came to Be

The newly created Student Union at the Chicago High School for the Arts is just the beginning to becoming the "safe space" the school claims to be.

LookBook: ChiArts Students Show Off Their Style

by Lydia Wilbon   Dressing for school can sometimes feel a bit uninspired and useless. Here are some students who take pride in their look.  Justice Mosley, Junior “My sweatshirt is from my great-grandma, the bottoms are leggings...

Principal Wang Has Learned A Lot Since He Started At ChiArts

A profile on ChiArts' principal, Mike Wang.

ChiArts Has A Union. How Much Should Students Know About It?

The ChiArts teachers' union has a definite presence in the school. But the issue of transparency for students remains sticky.

OPINION: Why Doesn’t ChiArts Let Students Eat Off Campus?

ChiArts students would especially benefit from a little freedom before conservatory.

Top 5 Things You Should Never Do In The Hallways

by Mia Schoenbeck If you're a student a ChiArts, you walk the hallways five days a week. Here are a few faux pas to avoid next time you're sidling up next to some lockers. Make obnoxious...

ChiArts Winter Look Book

by Taylor Jenkis It’s that time of year! The chill of winter has set in in Chicago. The weather has been all over the place this year, but it’s safe to say that we are...

The Rise and Fall of the ChiArts Snack Sellers

Snack sellers were once ubiquitous — now they're gone. What happened?

Interpreting Integrated Arts

Integrated Arts, one of the many classes that makes ChiArts unique, has gone through changes with different teachers. What are they?

Black Culture Showcase Stuns for Another Year

The annual Black Culture showcase was certainly a crowd pleaser at the Chicago High School for the Arts.