‘Cheugy’ Isn’t Real

different apparel on stand in clothing shop
Photo by Sam Lion on Pexels.com

by Josh Williams

When Generation X meets Generation Z, or when Millennials meet Baby Boomers, one of the most noticeable differences would have to be their outfits.

The younger generation may be dressed “inappropriately” to the older generation. Or the older generation may be dressed too boring for the younger. The younger may even call the older generations choice of style “cheugy.” It’s a pretty uncommon and kind of hurtful word to call something, but, surprisingly, it has turned into a fashion trend throughout the years. It’s a fashion trend that most of us have participated in without even knowing it.

Cheugy (pronounced chew-gee) can be used, broadly, to describe someone who is out-of-date or trying too hard. Though most of the time, the current generation of fashion involve either wearing designer clothes or thrifted clothing. So if you just find something from your closet and put it on without a second thought, you’ll most likely be called cheugy. According to the Urban Dictionary, cheugy means “the opposite of trendy”

“I use the word to choose my style,” said ChiArts student Kevin Romaniz. “Instead of following other people, I just dress the way I want to dress, and kind of create my own style. If I’m called cheugy, then I’m doing a good job.”

ChiArts student Chris Parker, a former victim of being called “cheugy” said, “Most of the time I wear what’s actually trendy. From designer to cargo pants, and I’ve still been called cheugy. In my opinion, there’s no such thing as cheugy.”  Parker and Romaniz are totally different people who dress differently and are also incredibly unique.

In all honesty, cheugy isn’t real. Different people make different choices in terms of style. The way you dress and present yourself to the world, is a choice and decision made by you and your mind only.

The only way cheugy can become realistic is if you judge yourself and the way you dress, based on what other people think. The world is yours.

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