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by Faith Moreno

Pens At The WaterTower

The school year is here, which means it’s time for that annual rite of passage: Back to school supply shopping! Once you get your new class syllabus, it will be time to get the shopping on.

Here’s a comprehensive list of stationary supply stores that sell the cutest supplies on the market, so you can get writing (and reading and studying and laptop-ing) in style.






Muji took the whole nation by storm in recent years with aesthetically pleasing school supplies. They do not only specialize in supplies, but they also sell one of the best organization boxes to help your desk be the most organized it can be.

Here are some of the best items at Muji.

  • Gel-ink ballpoint pens – These pens, which come in packs of 12, write incredibly smoothly. They come in different nibs; I recommend the 0.38-inch nib because it’s sharp on the paper when you write.  
  • Plantation Paper Note B5 –  These notebooks come in a package of five, each with 30 sheets of ruled paper. These notebooks have colored spines, making them perfect for categorizing different subjects.
  • Memo Pad checklist – These handy checklist pads come in books with 40 sheets, with about 14 checkboxes on each sheet. You can tear and stick these anywhere to easily access a quick to-do list. There’s also a smaller version, if your tasks are a little more manageable than the typical high schooler’s.
  • Plastic Eraser White L – This is a small white eraser, but it’s mighty. It has an easy that won’t smudge even the darkest of pencil lines.

Kawaii Pen Shop

Kawaii pen shop delivers the cutest stationary globally and is available online. Plenty of stationary gurus go to this pen shop for all their materials, because the prices are great and the selection is incredible.

  • Zebra Mildliner Double-Sided Highlighters – These highlighters come in packs of five. Every pack a different (and adorable) color scheme — there are four in all, including pastel, cool, warm and Sebra. These Midliners are double sided with a fine tip and board tip so you can highlight however you like.
  • Galaxy sticky notes – Write small reminders, quotes, or thoughts on these cute circular sticky notes. Each unique galaxy sticky note comes in a stack of 30 sheets. There are eight different colors to from.
  • 40-Piece Kawaii Japanese hamster sticker – Do you have bland folders or notebooks you want to decorate but don’t know how? These adorable little hamsters make your notebooks and your materials pop out. These stickers are made of coated paper, so they’ll last.
  • “My Neighbor Totoro” gel pen– Are you into Studio Ghibli films? These pens are just for you. These cute pens are designed with graphics from the movie “My Neighbor Totoro,” and they come in four different designs with a tip size of 0.5 millimeters.


This company sells many kinds of pens, gel pens, ballpoint pens, and more from lots of companies. Right now with any pen pack purchase, you will get a lead pencil for free! 

  • Steel – These pens are known to be very stylish with their smooth lines and metallic design. This pen is often referred to as “the classic,” because it’s the right pen for pretty much any job. This pen comes in various color combinations of blue, black, white and gray. These pens have a sturdy grip, and company also makes mechanical pencils.
  • Z-Grip– These pens are specifically known to have a smooth flow. Packs of Z-Grip pens have various colors and are sold separately, or in sets that go up to 12. The rubber grip gives comfort when you’re writing, so you’ll never get a blister. 
  • SarasaTired of your ink gel not drying fast enough? These pens have fast drying gel ink — they don’t smear or smudge. These are very useful for people who write quickly, and also for people who are left handed. The company also specializes in highlighters and fine liners.

Five Star

This brand is known to have long-lasting everything: folders, binders, pencil cases — you name it.

  • 7-pocket horizontal expanding file – If you want to be the most organized this year for all your classes, you probably also don’t want to haul many folders. This folder with seven pockets and color organization will help you keep everything in one place. It comes in four different colors — black, red, blue, and green.
  • Wirebook college ruled notebook one subject – These notebooks have 100 pages with yellow folders inside. These are water resistant and are guaranteed to last all year. 
  • Stand-N-Store – These pencil cases are made of mesh, so you can always see what’s inside your pencil case. These storage containers come in six different colors, and they’re unique because they stand up rather than laying flat on a desk.


Treat yourself to a new pen this school year! Hey: You deserve it.

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