LookBook: ChiArts Students Show Off Their Style


by Lydia Wilbon


Dressing for school can sometimes feel a bit uninspired and useless. Here are some students who take pride in their look. 

Justice Mosley, Junior


My sweatshirt is from my great-grandma, the bottoms are leggings I’ve cut off, and my shoes are from Dr. Martens. This outfit kinda tells people about me, but I don’t really know what it’s saying because kinda just threw it on and said, ‘This is comfortable, so I’mma going to be comfortable today.’ My style switches from super comfortable to semi-put together, but still casual.” 

09/19/2019 — ChiArts

Charlie Hancock, Junior


This (sweater) was my dad’s, I got this (pants) in a vintage store in Wicker Park, and this (shoes) in a vintage store in Pilsen. I do think this outfit tells others about me. There are multiple styles that I pick from and I won’t say I really have one style.” 

09/19/2019 — ChiArts

Jordan James, Sophomore


I got these (shoes) from my grandma, I got the socks when I stole them from my mom, the pants are thrited, my mom got this (jacket) from Marshalls, and then the tank top I stole from my sister. I look on social media, I find a lot of inspiration from people who draw. I don’t know if that’s like a certain aesthetic but people who are artistic I tend to pick from them and their style.” 

Jordan added that she thrifts her clothes more than she used to, and that she loves how dressing makes her feel. “It makes me feel pretty sometimes,” she said. 

09/19/2019 — ChiArts

Ewan Rasmussen, Senior


Mostly I get all my stuff from my dad, secondhand, or from a thrift store. But if I really want an individual piece I’ll buy it online or wherever I see it. I don’t have specific places I go to get clothes unless it’s a specific thrift store. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that most of the things I wear kinda embody nature in a way. It could be as simple as a graphic t-shirt or my colors. I use a lot of earthy tones; I like a lot of clothing that looks like it has wear-and-tear or looks old. I really like that and I think it shows a part of me that’s so central to be with nature and everything around that. If I like this, I’ll pair it with something else, which doesn’t matter whatever style it is.” 

09/20/2019 — ChiArts

Julianna Nevarez, Senior


I got this (shirt) from online shopping, but I make sure to research the place before buying anything that’s like fast fashion. Nasty Gal! That’s where I bought most of this outfit. Then I bought my Converses from Converse. I would say that this outfit embodies me. I’m really interested in leopard print and animal print. I really like it, I feel like it’s nature’s natural print, I don’t know, it’s nature’s natural fashion. And I really like corduroy. I try to make sure all of my outfits are comfortable and have this essence of simplicity. I pick what I like and mix them together with items that will either stand out or pair really well with other items. I also like to look at what people are wearing on the street, I feel like that’s a source of inspo, seeing what other people are wearing. It’s a good thing to absorb. Chicago definitely has a more local and authentic.”  

09/20/2019 — Humboldt Park

Jeremy Carter, Sophomore


I got these shoes from Nike, the Nike store, but then I drew all other them with different designs and stuff. I got this ring from the thrift store. I got this (jacket) from the Vans store, I thrifted these pants and shirt. And someone gave me these chains. This outfit has creativity if you wanna say because I drew all over my shoes. I typically dress in all black and darker clothes. Music definitely inspires me. If I’m listening to a really upbeat song, I might throw on some color or throw something on with the black or just wear color. Or it depends on what style of dressing I might do like if I’m listening to a certain type of music I might dress in more of a punk style or even more street or even mix the two together. It really all depends. My appearance is my biggest pet peeve, I take it very seriously.”

09/20/2019 — ChiArts

Jade Villanueva, Senior


I got these overalls from a fast-fashion retailer, who I do not want to say; I am not proud of it. This shirt I found at a thrift store by my house in Logan Square, and these shoes I bought at the Vans Store. I think with shoes, I always want to splurge more on shoes than tops and bottoms. I’m really inspired by elongated features, I make sure I wear clothes that make me look long and thick. I get inspired by colors, I love using colors, but I also like toning it down and adding pops of color. I feel like I always have the need to stand out. A lot of things about being a person are so generic and basic. I always try to find a way to be like, “Ahhh,” or show out. Even if it’s with my hair or clothes, I always try to bring the brightest or flashiest things.” 

09/19/2019 — ChiArts

Hannah Crouse, Junior


These (pants) are from Nordstrom Rack, this (shirt) is also from Nordstrom Rack, too. I wear this outfit a lot but with different tops. I really like this shirt, I feel if I was a shirt, this square neck feature would be me. There’s a song that comes to mind every time I look for clothes. It’s called ‘Loose Fix,’ it’s really catchy and has a very happy, cheery, vintage-y vibe, which is kinda what I go for sometimes. I mix and match lots of clothes. I’ve been told I’m kinda basic, VSCO-y, but I don’t really look at other people or what they’re wearing because obviously everyone has their own style. I just see what I like and try to make it my own.”

09/19/2019 — ChiArts

Claudia Gonzalez, Senior


“I got this (ring) from Las Vegas, I got theses (pants) from the Gap. I didn’t wanna go into the Gap at first because I think they’re bad, but I tried on the jeans and they were comfortable and fit me well. I thrifted these boots and I got this jacket from the Burlington store. And these (sunglasses) are from Forever 21. I kinda just put this on because I don’t remember the last time I wore it. I try to have variety and keep it fresh. I don’t like to outfit repeat, I just feel musty. Not that people who outfit repeat are musty, but that’s just not me. When I see something I like, I get it. I don’t care if it’s an e-girl sweater or a soft girl skirt. It’s mine if I like it.”

09/19/2019 — ChiArts






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