How To Be Cozy and Comfortable

Image used via Creative Commons.

by Gray Dawson

Everyone wants to be comfy at the end of the day. Yet, there isn’t a clear meaning on what is comfy. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, comfy is described as “providing physical ease and relaxation.” But that doesn’t tell us how to get there. How do we take a room and make it comfortable? 

I interviewed students and teachers at The Chicago High School for the Arts (ChiArts) about what made them feel comfy. The answers ranged from books to sunlight and warm blankets.

Here are a few of the predominant themes I noticed:

Home design

Many people talked about things having to do with their homes. Mirrors, shelves, tapestries, and fairy lights were listed by many students.

Creative Writing teachers Bessana Kendig and Tina Boyer Brown both stressed the importance of lighting. Kendig specifically mentioned twinkly lights, while Boyer Brown said that she felt cozy in yellow or orange lights. 


An overwhelming majority of the people interviewed spoke on the importance of plants in the quest for comfort.

Mathematics teacher Karoly Keefe and Creative Writing teacher David Mathews both stressed how important plants can be in creating a comfy environment.

Keefe mentioned that plants of different sizes can help to create a beautiful room.

Mathews, on the other hand, focused his attention on the different kinds of plants. Suggesting plants such as “Mother-in-Law Tongue” — a famously hard to kill plant; Angel Leaf; and even bamboo.


Almost everyone I spoke to expressed the need for warmth in some way or another to feel comfy in a room.

Boyer Brown and Kendig both mentioned the need for blankets, while some of the students I asked mentioned things like rugs, heated blankets, and even a fireplace. 


On the aesthetic side of things, there was a wide range of colors that added to an aesthetically pleasing comfy room, from beige to orange. The more popular colors that were mentioned were yellow, orange, and brown.

There was also an overwhelming majority of folks who spoke on the need for familiar objects and pictures.

One student suggested an aesthetic picture wall and removable wallpaper. 

Sensory Pleasures

Things that appeal to the senses were by far one of the most common answers given.

Things like candles that smell like your favorite places (or favorite people), Himalayan Salt Lamps that give off light and are literally made of salt, shaggy rugs that feel nice on your feet, and music that helps to create a soothing atmosphere were all popular answers.

It was all over the map, but each one ultimately added up to a comfortable room.

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