Top 4 Most Dangerous People from The Past and Present


By Katie Malate 

Credonia Mwerinde:

Not everyone knows this, but Credonia Mwerinde is responsible for the worst cult massacre in all of history. Mwerinde was the founder of the infamous Ugandan Cult Movement for The Restoration Of the Ten Commandments Of God.

She told her followers that she could speak to the Virgin Mary, and that she could predict the end of days. She used this trick to her advantage, using mind control tactics to abuse her followers. Being a follower of Mwerinde usually led death by strangulation after they would lash out or try to leave, where after she’d bury the unlucky victim.

But after many uprisings and mutinies among her followers, she knew she’d committed her worst crime in which she killed over one thousand people by burning them all alive. After she escaped into the night was was never seen again. Some say that she might still be out there.

Charles Manson:

Something was brewing during the summer of love, something sinister.

Charles Manson, born in 1932, is responsible for one of the most deadly cults in all of modern American history;The Manson Family.

During the 1960s and 70s, Manson preyed on young and impressionable people trying to find a place in the world. He implanted thoughts of salvation and racial war into their brains. The only way to rise to to the top and become saved was to join him and begin murdering anyone he chose.

Manson’s and his follower’s killing spree eventually led to the known deaths of 7 people, creating a bloody path in their wake. Manson was eventually convicted on murder in 1971 and spent the rest of his life in jail for his crimes. He passed away in 2017 at the age of 83.

Elizabeth Bathory:

Sometimes behind a youthful face, a dark secret lies in wait to spring out.

Countess Elizabeth Bathory was a hungarian noblewoman who lived from 1560 to 1614. In the 54 years she lived, with the help of a local witch, she murdered innocent pheasant girls for her own personal amusement.

Bathory was born into a disturbed family. Her aunt and uncle were both reportedly open to the idea of torture on human beings. They instilled this notion in Bathory and so when she was married at age 15 to Count Nadady, her habits still continued to stick with her. So much so that she even instructed her husband to construct a torture chamber in the castle.

Behind the castle’s closed doors, Bathory and he witch friend would brutally torture young women from the nearby village until they were dead. There is even a rumor today that Bathory killed for not only pleasure, but for youth. Believing that the blood of young women and bathing in it would keep her skin youthful.

Thankfully after nearly 30 years of Bathory committing these crimes against humanity.

John Wayne Gacy:

Not the kind of clown you’d want at your birthday.

Gacy is one of the united state’s most prolific serial killers, with numbers racking up in the 40s or 50s. Born March 17,1942, was born in Chicago Illinois where he lived most of his life. Gacy was said to have a troubled childhood full of abuse and inner struggles with this sexuality. It is this, they say, that led him to luring, assaulting, and killing young boys in his home

If this isn’t creepy enough then just you wait.

As a side job, Gacy would often dress up in a clown costume and entertain children at birthday parties. This clown persona named Pogo became a morphed part of Gacy,so much so that he would be dressed in his clown suit when luring young boys to his house.

While in prison, Gacy took up visual art and painted amazingly disturbing paintings. Most of them were of Pogo and are sought after now by macabre art collectors.


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