Top 5 TV Shows To Binge Watch This Weekend


by Luca Favis

Most of these are cartoons, which I don’t see as childish or strange at all. The world of animation is for everyone and all of the cartoons mentioned in this have moved me the same! That being said, all of these shows are definitely worth a watch. They are all so meaningful in their own way.

  1. “Bee and Puppycat”

This is my all-time favorite show. I felt connected to so many of the characters, and Natasha Allegri and their whole team is so talented for putting these episodes together. The visuals and art style are the most beautiful, calming thing I’ve seen by far.

  1. “The Midnight Gospel”

In relation to breathtaking aesthetics, “The Midnight Gospel” is a colorful world of madness that tackles difficult topics with a central theme of existentialism. Although quite short, this show particularly hit very close to home for me. Clancy Gilroy is a character I found myself relating to more than anyone.

  1. “Bojack Horseman”

This show is another cartoon that speaks of dark topics that’d be too long to list at once. Before this, I’ve always strayed away from this type of American-style animated comedy, but “Bojack Horseman” balances this element along with more serious ones extremely well and you never get bored.

  1. “Pose”

Set in 1980s New York, “Pose” is unlike any other LGBTQ-centred show I’ve ever watched. For once, it actually talks about the real problems that have been pushed aside for too long: the harsh realities that trans women and the LGBTQ community faced and still continue to face to this day.

  1. “Kaguya-sama: Love Is War”

At first glance, this anime seems to be a lighthearted comedy. But with this show, I found myself falling in love with all the characters and plot. The anime adaptation from the book is done extremely well and makes the series so much more heartfelt and special.

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