Top 5 Most Powerful Cartoon Villains


by Alex Friedrich

Let’s count down the Top five worst of the worst.

5. DoodleBob from “SpongeBob Squarepants”

Image from Nickelodeon.

We all know the story of DoodleBob. But in case you haven’t, here it goes.

After an artist dropped his pencil into the sea, it landed by SpongeBob and Patrick. They discover that anything they draw will come to life and that is how DoodleBob is born.

What started off as harmless fun quickly turned into a nightmare. DoodleBob turned evil and wanted to erase SpongeBob forever! When he obtains the pencil he is able to create anything he wants. He uses this power to attack SpongeBob and Patrick.

In the end, he finds a happy home on a piece of paper and leaves his life of crime behind making him number five on the list.

4. Gunter/Orgalorg from “Adventure Time”

Images from Cartoon Network.

At first, Gunter seems like a loyal servant to the Ice King. But don’t let his cute face fool you, he is really a cosmic entity named Orgalorg who is know colloquially as “The Breaker of Worlds.” Yes, this cute, little penguin is actually one of the most feared beings. Thousands of years ago, he was banished from his home planet for trying to absorb power from a catalyst comet so he could rule the solar system. Now on earth, he is pulling the strings from behind the scenes to rise to power.

Number three, Slade from “Teen Titans”

Image from Cartoon Network.

Slade has one goal, to destroy the titans and Jump City. He is the main antagonist in seasons one and two. His powers include superhuman intelligence and strength. His skills include martial arts and swordsmanship. Although his main target is Robin, he is able to take on all of the titans in battle. One of the most elite groups struggles to fight one man. This proves his power, but he’s still not as strong as the final two.

Number two, Azula from “Avatar the Last Airbender”

Image from Nickelodeon.

Azula is the daughter of firelord Ozai and one of the most powerful firebender in the series. She is the only firebender we see that can produce blue fire. She is also leading an entire army by the time she’s fourteen. Not only that, but she also was able to conquer Ba Sing Se, something older generations couldn’t do in years. She can also shoot lighting and would have taken down the Avatar if it wasn’t for Katara’s spirit water. Since she was a kid, she was known as a firebending prodigy and trained with the best teachers. Even with all of Azula’s power she is still nowhere near number one on the list.

Number one, Bill Cipher from “Gravity Falls”

Image from Disney.

At number one it is no other than Bill Cipher. He is a being that can transcend dimensions. He can pause time, take over someone’s body, turn people into chairs, turn people into stone, and bend anything in Gravity Falls to his will. His only limitation is you have to make a deal with him. But with his wits, that doesn’t usually pose an issue for Bill. The only way he was able to be defeated was by deleting the entirety of Stan Pine’s mind. Without that sacrifice, everyone in Gravity Falls would be stone.

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