Top 5 Treats From Spinning J

"Harrods pastries" by Kevin Gessner is licensed under Creative Commons.

by Chester Wilson III

Let’s count ’em down, folks:


  1. Quiche

Spinning J’s case contains a weekly revolving gallery of quiche, and just seems to get better and better. Made fresh every morning, their quiche specialties range from a classic Quiche Lorraine to a more experimental mixture of goat cheese and root vegetables. This delicacy always seems to fly off the shelf, with their quiches seemingly disappearing by the end of the day, like clockwork.


  1. Key Lime Pie

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Spinning J’s key lime pie has all of us here at the Double Space reaching for our wallets. Straight off the original menu of the Chicago-based soda pop cafe, I can say that without a doubt, their key lime is in a league all its own. The combination of this pie’s minty filling, graham cracker-like crust, and a sensible dollop of whipped cream is enough to make anyone in their right mind ask for seconds.


  1. Ham and Cheese Scone

Some places, I find, struggle to do the scone justice. From flaky shells, to dry interiors, it’s crazy how far you have to go to find yourself a good scone, but this is truly something else. Spinning J features a revolving cast of signature sconces, ranging from blueberry to blue cheese. These delights are like nothing you’ve ever tasted, fresh out of the oven every morning.


  1. Classic Grilled Cheese

Who doesn’t like a grilled cheese? That was rhetorical. But honestly, Spinning J’s grilled cheese was a heavenly iteration of the classic sandwich.  The sharp mix of their specialty cheeses and homemade breads give this sandwich has a life of its own. With an unwavering aroma and a side of chips, this is one sandwich that’s hard to refuse.


  1. Bay Rum Cola

It’s always nice to close down the evening with something refreshing. The Bay Rum Cola is only one in a line of housemade soda pops this cafe features. Reminiscent of the classic Coca Cola products, this homemade twist on a traditional favorite has this reporter going back for a refill.



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