Food for Thought: 7 Meals to Try (Or Not)

by The ChiArts Double Space Staff Does your menu need a shake-up? We sampled, swilled, sipped, and noshed to find out what's worth eating — and what should never...

Gentrification and ChiArts

With the move to a new building, ChiArts not only ushers in a new generation of artists but a new wave of gentrification in Humboldt Park.

COUNTERPOINT: Give Reboots a Chance

Reboots are always the underdog; why won't anyone take their side for once?

The Class of 2024 Weighs In On Remote Learning

A peek into how the freshman are feeling after their first quarter of remote learning in high school.

Would You Rather: Beverage Edition

A fun game of Would You Rather, with drinks!

Pronouns Aren’t Joke-Nouns

The way we talk about personal pronouns at school has to change.

Haunted Locations to Visit in Chicago

Chicago's history is rich, which makes the city prime for ghosts. In this article, you'll be able to check out some of the historic places around the city rumored to be haunted.

The Double Space Guide to the Illinois Primary Election

by the staff of the ChiArts Double Space The year 2020 is a big one for elections. While the national news is all abuzz about the presidential election, there are plenty of local elections that...

5 Underrated Sodas for In-sip-ration

There are a lot of sodas out there, some of them don't get the attention they deserve!

This Month’s Feature: BEVERAGES

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