8 Infographics to Keep You Informed


Our staff wanted to bring some information to you using the visual medium, emphasizing that there are lots of ways to get information across. Our subjects range from PTSD in soldiers to phone usage among teens. We hope you’ll enjoy!

Teens v. Parents: Messages and Mornings

by Daniela Morales

Percentage of U.S. teens and parents who say they check their phone for messages as soon as they wake up. (Source.)

Struggles for Soldiers Post-Service

by Sam Nelson

An infographic displaying issues for veterans by percent. (Source.)

Most parents and teens share a religious identity

by Luca Favis

A percentage of teens and parents who share a religion, reflecting impact of religious guardians towards youth. (Source.)

Contaminants in Chicago Drinking Water

by Trinity Simmons-Brooks


Americans Should Be Able to Sue The Police

by Israel Solis, Jr.

Percentage of U.S. Adults That Have Dealt With Online Harassment

by Aiyana Thomas

Do Your Parents Share Your Religious Beliefs?

by Jonah Weber

Half of teens have the same religious beliefs as their parents, and although some differ, a third of those teens keep their beliefs a secret from their parents. (Source.)

Checking iPhones

by Julianna Zimianitis

This infographic is an image of an iPhone with notification blocks containing statistics from the source. (Source.)

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