What’s the Rush On Marriage With Celebs These Days

Image via MTV.

by Maya Bensett

Anyone who scrolled through instagram on June 11, 2018 could clearly see that pop star Ariana Grande had a huge engagement ring on her finger. After only two weeks of dating comedian Pete Davidson from Saturday Night Live (SNL), she’s getting married.

Although Grande and Davidson broke off longterm relationships with Mac Miller and Cazzie David, respectively, they were both ready to tie the knot pretty swiftly into their whirlwind romance.

Miller, by the way, died on September 7 due to an apparent drug overdose. Grande had reportedly given him much time and love to heal from his drug abuse from their three years of being with one another. She broke up with him because she no longer wanted to babysit her boyfriend: she wrote on Twitter, “I am not a babysitter or a mother and no woman should feel that they need to be.”

Even though the wedding has been postponed due to the recent death of Miller, Davidson and Grande continue to go strong with their relationship.  They moved into a lavish apartment in Chelsea a neighborhood in Manhattan, according to many entertainment sources.

And this isn’t the only rushed engagement. Pop singer Justin Bieber and his new bae Hailey Baldwin also announced that they’re getting married. Although the two of them have dated before, they broke up and then got back together. This time, they’ve only been together for a month.

It’s been recently announced by Alec Baldwin, Hailey Baldwin’s uncle, that the two lovebirds secretly went on to say their “I do’s” before the Emmy Awards. They went out and got married at the New York city courthouse without any regard of family warnings.

It seems at this point that these young stars are merely competing with one another for attention. Although others may believe that the marriage is genuinely out of love, I find it hard to believe.

Whether it’s love or not, the marriage does seem to be rushed. What kind of message does it send to young people that these young couples are getting married so quickly?

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