The Best After-school Hangout Spots

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By Lonye Scott

After a long tiring week of school, Friday finally arrives. Everyone is happy and good spirits are in the air. Friends collectively plan a hangout day after-school. If you attend Chicago Highschool for the Arts like me, there is only so much to do around the neighborhood.

The first spot is the most common spot. A slightly expensive restaurant called Lucy’s. This is typically the first spot that comes to mind. It’s the closest and honestly the best tasting one around.

There used to be a whole meal dedicated to ChiArts kids however legend says some senior that graduated a few years back messed that up for us. However they have great burgers but the shakes are up for debate.

The second spot that comes to mind is another fairly common spot. The Dunkin Donuts/Gas station, though it isn’t technically a ‘hangout’ spot. It’s a good meet area and we could be considered hanging out since we’re in line sometimes for more than 10 minutes especially in the mornings.

The third and final spot I’ll mention is of course Humboldt Park itself. Where you’ll find a variety of interesting people. Usually we find a place to sit to talk or snack on junk food.

It’s a park so there isn’t much you can do except sit and wait around until everyone is comfortable with leaving. Honorable mentions are a little further and less common spots but there’s another restaurant 3 minutes off from the Dunkin.

Friends still travel there but only on special occasions. This restaurant has a name, one of which nobody knows. We refer to it as “the yellow one.”

Another honorable mention is Spinning J’s, a cute little bakery closest to ChiArts that unfortunately changed its hours to 9-3pm which I believe was because they didn’t want ChiArts kids inside anymore. We were kind of reckless, but to each its own. The only thing I miss is the milkshakes, those definitely topped Lucy’s shakes.

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