McDonald’s Vs Raising Canes Overrated Food

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By Ania Swift

“Very unhealthy, and ordered a McChicken and came out horrible but the BTS meal was fire.”

Today there are a variety of foods that are overrated but the most overrated is Raising Canes and McDonalds. You’d expect such a popular fast food chain like Canes to have more options on the menu. The menu is very limited and only offers 4 things which include chicken tenders, bread, fries, and the Canes sauce. 

Unlike Canes, McDonalds has a wide variety of items on their menu. McDonalds is very known and popular and especially for their Fries. 

The most talked about is the sauce, the famous Raising Canes sauce. According to Skye Bruner, “Raising Cane’s sauces taste like mayonnaise mixed with ranch. Tenders taste very bland, and she said “the bread is the best thing on the menu.” 

“The number 7 meal, two cheese burgers, medium fries, and medium sprite.” is considered a comfort food for Allan Ayalla. “Also they need to bring their Chips Ahoy Mcflurries back.” McDonalds has limited items that come back from time to time. 

“Very unhealthy, and ordered a McChicken and came out horrible but the BTS meal was fire.” Says Josh Philips. “Mixing buffalo and ranch is a good combo with the nuggets.” All the options and changes you can add with your meal.

People had better comments to say about McDonalds than Raising Canes. When I had asked around it seemed more people had tried McDonalds more than Canes. Not many have actually tried the Canes food but had McDonalds because it’s a faster food chain. That could also be because there are 10 Raising Canes in Illinois, and 113 McDonalds in Chicago alone. 

Canes comes pricey for what they offer and a long line that moves slowly when headed into the drive through. 

McDonalds, is more unhealthy but cheaper and has a speedier service is going to be favored more to the people then Canes. Both are very overrated and I don’t like either but if I had to choose I’d eat at McDonalds. 

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