Working Out In The Time of Covid


by Trinity Simmons-Brooks

Everyone in their life has gone into a new year saying either, “New year, new me!” or, “This will be the year I lose weight.”

For a few weeks, they go to the gym, eat healthy, go for walks, etc. Then by the time the end of January hits they’re up to their ears in McDonalds and Chik-Fil-A food bags and wrappers. But since the rise of Covid has caused so much staying home, the question is: Did those New Year’s resolutions of the past only benefit the gyms that were open to us?

In the beginning of quarantine there were two types of people: the people who binged watched shows and ate snacks, and the people who worked out. People who normally would go to the gym had to figure out ways to work out at home.

Using social networks like Youtube, Instagram and even TikTok, eager influencers made working out a trend. Influencers promoted healthier lifestyles with companies like the Coldest Water and other fitness apps.

Apple released an all-new Apple Fitness interface that was compatible with the all new Apple Watch Series 6. They also released a new fitness app to be used along with the Apple Watch called Apple Fitness to help all Apple users work out at home for the cost of a gym membership.

I decided to try the product for myself. Since the beginning of my subscription, I’ve gotten to walk with Shawn Mendes, Uzo Aduba, and hear the story of Ruby Bridges while taking a walk right in my front living room. I have also done some of the many guided workout sessions with some of Apple’s trainers, which I’ve compared to some of the free workouts found on Youtube.

After a few days of trying both workouts, I realized that my body reacted the same to all workouts. It seems that the workouts that are Apple fitness are more tailored to those who are already fit than people trying to lose weight. With YouTube, all videos I found were good for all body types and still provided a really good workout.

But with these resources on the rise, will the gym really be needed? I personally would go to the gym that is located 15 minutes from my house and use all of the equipment they provide. But I actually got more results when I was at home.

If you really want to achieve weight loss you have to first learn what you feel you need to lose. Then do the work in the environment that makes you most comfortable, which might just be your home.

Everyone’s situation is different. But in the time of Covid, don’t give in to the pull of buying every piece of equipment or pricy subscription-based app. If you can’t afford it, you can easily support small workout channels and get a full body workout, without equipment.

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