Five Easy Places to Find Great Plus-Size Style

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by Taila Ross

Plus size style in 2020 is hard to find. Sometimes you just end up in outfits that are bland or not plus-size friendly. So here’s five places to step up your plus-size style.

DollsKill (offering sizes 1X to 3X)

DollsKill is a San Francisco based online brand serving for “young people of all genders.” Their clothing styles differ going from rave clothing to kawaii/Japanese. They are on the more expensive side (some basics are $50 or so), but if you have a taste for different, this is it. Their plus-sized section occasionally mirrors their straight size and they go up to a size 3X. 

FashionNova(Sizes 1X-3X)

FashionNova is an Instagram brand that’s worn by celebrities like Blacc Chnya, Kylie Jenner, Amber Rose, etc. They are widely known for their jeans, which are strong and make your butt look good. FashionNova’s plus size section (FashionNova Curve) is up-to-date on celebrity trends and can have you looking like a baddie. Their plus-sized section mostly caters to curvier people. Their tops are super cute and on trend. They are somewhat inexpensive, but they can be expensive at times. 

Torrid(Sizes 0X-6X)

Torrid is a plus sized offshoot of Hot Topic. They tend to cater to a middle-aged clientele. Their jeans are snug and don’t stain like some jeans. They have a few “fandom” pieces like the Disney Villains collection or their Minnie Mouse collection; but, they are expensive. A top from Torrid there can easily run you $44. 

Fashion Figure (Sizes 0X-3X)

Fashion Figure is a plus-sized store. Their clothing is trendy and they cater to a young adult audience. They have just recently collaborated with Gabrielle Union. They have causal and statement pieces, so if you’re a casual person trying to develop a more out-there style, this is a you store.

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