Don’t Lose Any Sleep Over It: Ways to Improve Your Slumbering Self

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by Henry Carlson

Everyone sleeps. Sleeping is great and feels great, but sometimes falling asleep can be difficult. Many people struggle to fall asleep for various reasons. Stress, worry, and some medical conditions can hinder or altogether block you from sleeping. The ChiArts Double Space will break down some of the factors that make help your snoozing improve.

Room Temperature

If you have trouble getting to sleep, it could have something to do with the temperature in your room. Being either too hot or too cold can give you a hard time getting to sleep. The optimal bedroom temperature for sleep is between 60 and 67 degrees fahrenheit. 

Stay away from electronics

It’s easy to stare at your phone for hours on end; however, this can be harmful if you are trying to get to bed. Looking at screens too long before bed can delay your internal clock or circadian rhythm. This is caused by the blue light emitted from screens. If you have trouble getting to sleep after scrolling a little too much, it may be time to look at limiting your phone usage before bed. 


If using your phone before bed is truly your vice and you must find something to do before bed, give reading a try. Reading before bed can relax you and tell your body that it’s time to begin winding down. Reading can distract you from the troubles of the day that may be hindering your sleep. If you toss and turn because your head is racing, a book may be a good option for you.

Try to stay awake

As counterintuitive as it sounds, if you struggle to fall asleep, trying to force yourself awake can actually help lull you into sleep. The stress of trying to force yourself asleep can keep you awake while if you try to stay up, you will actually get more tired.

Change your sleeping position

There are three main sleeping positions: back, stomach, and side. While many would argue that sleeping on your back is the most effective way to sleep, this is not always the case. Sleeping position preferences are different for everyone; if you are having trouble sleeping in your current position, it may be time to try some different coordinations. Sleeping on your side has shown to give better quality of sleep, so if you are a stomach sleeper or back, try something new the next time you lie down. 

Overall, sleep is an important function of all of our lives that we should pay attention to. Getting a bad night of sleep can hinder your performance in everyday activities so it’s important that if you are suffering from poor sleep that you strive to find a solution that works for you.

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