We Want a Comeback!: Artists Who Need to Put Out Some New Music


by Luisa Bloom

Teenagers these days are listening to a variety of music — from K-Pop to hip-hop, teens listening tastes are more diverse than ever. But there are a few artists we haven’t heard from in a minute, and everyone can agree: it’s time for that to change. 

This list gives a rundown of artists that haven’t came out with a song or album in a long time, and what we expect the sound to be like when they finally artist come out with something new.


Frank Ocean

SOUNDS LIKE: Sad, smooth avant garde.

LAST BEST THING: “Solo” from the album “Blond.”

WE HOPE HE’LL COME OUT WITH: More sad music, but that you can dance to.

WHY HE IS GREAT: The way his voice sounds is calming; it’s soft. When men sing, they often sound very scary, but not Frank. 



Harry Styles

SOUNDS LIKE: Passionate, soft rock combined with pop

LAST BEST THING: “Sweet Creature” from the album “Harry Styles”

WE HOPE HE’LL COME OUT WITH: A new variety of slow sad songs, and wild rock songs.

WHY HE IS GREAT: He manages to sound gentle through his singing voice in certain songs but also reaches a different, louder sound in other songs. The man has versatility. 




SOUNDS LIKE: Sad indie-pop.

LAST BEST THING: “Ribs” from the album “Pure Heroine.”

WE HOPE SHE’LL COME OUT WITH: Something different — like happier  songs, for instance

WHY SHE IS GREAT: Lorde likes to write her own lyrics so we can connect to her better.




SOUNDS LIKE: Edgy, confident, wavy R&B.

LAST BEST THING: Every single song from her album “Ctrl.”

WE HOPE SHE’LL COME OUT WITH: More ballads. There weren’t as many balls on her last album.

WHY SHE IS GREAT: SZA’s voice can work with any kind of sound. Everything she sings is full of emotion and heart, which makes the songs more emotional to connect with.





SOUNDS LIKE: Variety of sounds from sad ballads to intense pop

LAST BEST THING: “Colors” or “Butterfly” (really any of their songs) from their recent album “XX.”

WE HOPE THEY’LL COME OUT WITH: A few  more ballads, but also experimental bubblegum pop.

WHY THEY ARE GREAT: LOONA touches on all types of genres of music for being a K-Pop group — with their most recent title track “Butterfly,” they filmed in 16 different locations around the world to include women of color from all over the place. This song showed how much they value representation of women in music.



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