Best Drake Songs to Cry to


by Vianca Soria

Everyone needs to have a good cry from time to time.

Here are just a few things that might make a person get teary: self doubt, dead dogs, failure. And if you need to have a soundtrack to go with your box of Kleenex, there’s one musician whose songs really stand out as particularly appropriate. His name is Drake. 

Drake is great to cry to because he’s relatable. His music sounds like a waterfall; his voice ranges from soft to hard, making him the ideal singer for all your melancholy needs.

Below, in no particular order, are the best Drake songs to cry to, presented for your listening and your ugly-crying pleasure.


Song: “Marvins Room”

Year Released: 2011

Album: “Take Care”

Indicative Sample Lyric: I’m just sayin’, you could do better/ Tell me have you heard that lately?

Listen to it when you: Have gone through a particularly painful breakup.


Song: “Passionfruit”

Year Released: 2017

Album: “More Life “

Indicative Sample Lyric: Cleansin’ my soul of addiction for now / ‘Cause I’m fallin’ apart, yeah

Listen to it when you: Are sure that your whole life’s falling apart 


Song: “Jungle”

Year Released: 2015

Album: “if you’re reading this it’s too late”

Indicative Sample Lyric: Rock me real slowly / Put a bib on me / I’m just like a baby, drooling over you / The things you do

Listen to it when you: when you’re feeling head over heels about someone 


Song: “Teenage Fever”

Year Released: 2017

Album: “More Life”

Indicative Sample Lyric: If you had my love / And I gave you all my trust / Would you comfort me? / And if somehow you knew / That your love would be untrue / Would you lie to me? (OK, fine; that’s the sample track. But it’s still pretty indicative!)

Listen to it when you: are sure you’ve been lied to


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