6 Horror Films to Watch This Halloween


by Tai Ross

Halloween is coming up fast, it’s time to get spooky. In case you’re looking for some scary movies that aren’t as obvious as all the recent horror fare, here are the top horror movies you should watch for Halloween.

1.) “Rec” (2007)

This Spanish horror film directed by Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza is about a TV host and her cameraman going through an apartment complex of a woman who is infected with a mysterious virus. This is shot from the point of view of cameraman, Pablo. The movie is a must-watch because of the found footage style of cinematography. It’s a new take on outbreak horror and a possible zombie film.


2.) “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (1974)

This classic film directed by Tobe Hooper is about a sister and her brother taking a group of friends to visit the farmhouse of their deceased grandfather when they discover that just next door there’s a whole family of psycho killers. Of course this film involves the iconic movie killer Leatherface. This film is even more creepy due to the fact that Leatherface is based off of the real life murderer Ed Gein.


3.) “Get Out” (2017)

Directed and written by the extraordinary Jordan Peele, “Get Out” is a horror-comedy about Chris and his girlfriend  Rose taking a drive up to Rose’s parents’ house. This movie is less gory and more psychologically thrilling. The movie was inspired by George A. Romero’s  “Night of the Living Dead,  and involves commentary on society and racism towards black people.


4.) “Hostel II” (2007)

If you enjoy torture, this movie is right up your alley. The plot follows three American female art students in Rome who are directed to a Slovak village where they are kidnapped and taken to a facility where rich clients pay to torture and kill people. This film is pretty gory and a bit of a downgrade sequel, but it’s more sleek with its cinematography and its SFX effects.


5.)  “The Loved Ones” (2009)

“The Loved Ones” is a dark Australian horror-comedy about a social outcast kidnapping a classmate who rejected her invitation to prom. Instead of having a weird, creepy homeschool prom, the girl and her family torture the would-be date to a severe degree. If you enjoy teen horror, this is a unique twist on the traditional, making it edgy and dark without even trying. Also, if you have a fear of drills and trepanning, you might want a friend to watch along with and a vomit bag.


6.) “I Spit On Your Grave” (1978)

Directed, edited, produced, and written by Meir Zarchi, “I Spit on Your Grave” is a 1978 American revenge exploitation horror film. This movie was and still is controversial due to the infamous 12-minute long sexual assault scene — so steer clear if you’re triggered by that kind of material. Don’t worry, though: the girl gets revenge on all of her assaulters. It’s pretty gory to watch and, in an odd and morbid way, all about girl power.

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