5 TV Shows to Stream Right Now

"How I Met Your Mother," image in the public domain.


by Stephanie Galicia

“Friends” – Netfllix

If you’re looking for a fun throwback, friends is the way to go. From personal experience, I can tell you that this show gets you hella invested into each of the characters’ lives. The show begins with Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) sobbing from both relief and terror from leaving a fiancé at the altar.



“The Office” – Netflix


At first being a little awkward, “The Office” is about a group of oddly interesting coworkers who go about their daily lives and having equally oddly interesting conflicts. This isn’t your ordinary office (and if it is, I’m really sorry); it’s an office that contains as much humor as it does paper.



“The Good Place” – Netflix and Hulu


Ah, The Good Place. You’d think that it would be good — until you find out that you’re not actually supposed to be there.



“The 100” – Netflix and the CW


“The 100” is a post-apocalyptic, dystopian story about humanity and how it can come to its most darkest and its most lightest parts of life through literally almost any scenario you could think of realistically.


“How I Met Your Mother” – Netflix

A funny, realistic show about the many twists and turns that take place on the way to finding The One.

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