5 Great Feel-Good Albums to Listen to Right Now

"Dirty Computer" album art, by Janelle Monae, via Bad Boy Records

by Maria-Isabel Allen-Cardona

“Dirty Computer” by Janelle Monae

I listened to this album all summer. All the songs blend into the next so well, and they tell a story. The album is about self-expression, love, confidence, and being free. It’s a great self-esteem booster that tugs at the heartstrings.


“Coming Home” by Leon Bridges

I discovered this album two years, and it’s become one of my favorite albums of all time. This album has elements of doo-wop, soul, and jazz. It dapples with various emotions, and can resonate with many people.  


“Matangi” by M.I.A

M.I.A is an artist I’ve known since I was a child, but I never payed attention to her music (besides “Paper Planes”) until she released “Matangi.” It’s an electronics-heavy album that is bound to make you bounce up and down to the rhythm.



“Oro” by ChocQuibTown


This album takes a more political turn because the artists talk about their life in the rural, ignored areas of their country Colombia. They mention racism, corruption in the government, and foreign countries coming in to take the gold that is rich in this country.


“Yed El Henna” by Fnaïre

Fnaïre is a hip-hop group that hails from Morocco. Their unique spin on hip hop really captured my attention because their music incorporates unique sounds, and flowing raps.


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