Zodiac Signs as Lizards

"Lizard" by Mattia Fedrigotti is licensed under Creative Commons.

by Noire Lin

Ever wonder what the stars say about the lizards you are at heart? Wonder no more.

Aries (March 21-April 19): Shingleback Skink

“IMG_5603” by Al and Marie is licensed under Creative Commons.

You are a pioneer in the making, a quick-witted adventurer with sun thrumming through your veins; quick to engage, quick to encourage. Your self-confidence rarely slips from you, but when it does, it drains fast. What is left in the wake of your self-deprecation — of your self-hatred and lack of self-pride — is an impulsive, reckless daredevil.

You’re embarrassed to admit it, but there are moments where you question yourself in the presence of others; you wonder if they’ll see your selfishness, your brash, angry side. You fear losing yourself, of losing the tail that’s been diligently attached to you for years.

Autonomy is lost to you in the captivity of society. When push comes to shove, you’ll become just as docile as the rest of us.

Taurus (April 20-May 20): Burton’s Legless Lizard

“Burton’s Legless Lizard Lialis burtonis” by Scott Eiper is licensed under Creative Commons.

You are the epitome of patience, self-reliance, and determination; a flash of resistance, a beacon of security. However, there are consequences for being so selfless, of bearing everyone’s burdens on your tiny, slithery shoulders. There is a point where you’ll begin to feel resentment, and you’ll have the urge to vocalize — to hiss and strike when the moment presents itself.

You, though. You are no less than a coward.

When threatened, you step back. You corner yourself, letting yourself be trapped like the fool you fear to become. You don’t know where to go anymore — you’re surrounded, absolutely left no choice but to pop your tail off and slither away. Like a legless coward, you can only retreat and lick your wounds in private, pretending that your problems can go away in a single moment. There’s a reason they call you the snake of all lizards.


Gemini (May 21-June 21): Knight Anole

“Knight Anole” by vladeb is licensed under Creative Commons.

You are the eloquence we often forget to be grateful for; an intellect that speaks to us, a symphony of versatility and liveliness. There is little that tests you as not many things are worthy of your attention, but when something gets under your skin, it grips and grips until you’re stuck hissing for it to go away. You puff up and rear yourself up for a challenge, looming over those who dare to defy you.

In all honesty, your curiosity can only save you for so long in the sea of open territory.

You’re constantly nervous, always on edge in case you need to react quickly. One minute, you’re open and friendly to those who pose no threat to you. However, once you see the sliver of animosity radiating from your hidden enemies, you flicker to the defensive, to the side of you that you can afford to lose if necessary.


Cancer (June 22-July 22): Plumed Basilisk

Plumed basilisk
“Plumed basilisk” by Sergiu Bacioiu is licensed under Creative Commons.

You are emotional and intuitive, always cautious in how you approach your surroundings; a protector in every aspect of your nature, a warrior of sympathy with a bleeding heart. It’s either zero or a hundred with you, and whether or not that’s a bad thing, it’s up to you to decide.

However, being fluid in your efforts can quickly become a touch-and-go situation.

Your fight-or-flight instinct drives your interactions, and you’re always wondering if you made the best decision. Was it the best course of action? Could you have done better? Maybe you should learn to let go of all your past mistakes instead of hissing on your high pedestal. The tension is getting too thick to bear.


Leo (July 23-August 22): Sungazer

“A little macro experiment” by Cloudtail the Snow Leopard is licensed under Creative Commons.

You are generous and warm-hearted, a real loyal knight in shining armor; faithful in how you love and share your heart, you are a real sun in the universe. You express yourself with every fiber of your being, and you’re not afraid to expand your boundaries if need be.

Quick to love can also mean quick to possess, and the line is blurred for you.

Sharp and quick-witted, you can’t imagine a life without love. You bask in the warmth others provide you, often coming across as pompous and airy. Sometimes, you wonder if you’re too prickly to others, too rough and harsh with everyone. It’s rough, buddy.


Virgo (August 23-September 22): Gidgee Skink

“Gidgee skink” by Silvain de Munck is licensed under Creative Commons.

You are modest, reliable, and analytical; nothing escapes your eyes, your grasp, your critical point-of-view. You’re often praised for being practical and meticulous, sometimes even to the point of being hailed as a natural-born leader.

Harsh as it is, every leader has their weakness.

A perfectionist to your core, you often lose sight of what’s really important–what’s really the main idea of the issue pressing into your side. You think that less is more, but being scarce isn’t always the best course to take. It’d be good for you to let others hold your burdens for you instead of scuttling around all by yourself.


Libra (September 23-October 22): Frilled Lizard

“DUB_0351 by wouter! is licensed under Creative Commons.

You are an easygoing diplomat, an image of a social butterfly; often idealistic and charming, you let your imagination run first before thinking about the consequences of dreaming. You often wonder and wonder until all of your thoughts spill out, much to the curiosity of others.

A dreamer is just as gullible as a fool.

Easily influenced, your heightened senses push you into fight-or-flight mode when confronted. You fear the threats looming around you, all social courage and brave-face leaving you as soon as you feel uneasy. You can’t help it, the way you frill up at the slightest sign of problems rolling over the horizon.


Scorpio (October 23-November 21): White-Throated Monitor

White-throated Monitor Varanus albigularis
“White-throated Monitor Varanus albigularis” by Bernard DUPONT is licensed under Creative Commons.

You are determined and in charge, magnetic to everyone around you; your passion is mistaken for mischief, yet that is the most exciting thing about walking about your day. Your intuition is a force to be reckoned with, and you don’t need to consult your emotions to know that you made the right choice for yourself.

Though, is it really a good choice to be so centered around yourself?

You’re very in-tune with yourself–often making decisions with your needs in mind first and foremost–but that leads much to be desired. Compulsive and obsessive, you’re a natural cocktail for exhausting secrets and omitted truths. Trust is hard to come by.


Sagittarius (November 22-December 21): Gargoyle Gecko

“_MG_9886 (Gargoyle Gecko)” by Gary Wells is licensed under Creative Commons.

You are a light-hearted free-spirit, honest and true to everyone around you; you’re straightforward and understanding of those around you, often taking on the role of a rock, no matter what shape. Your optimism is blinding, and it’s easy for the moods of others to pick up around you.

However, that begs the question: Are you blindly optimistic or is your optimism blinding?

Careless and forgetful of any tact, you’re a serving that needs to be taken in increments. It’s difficult to take your word at face-value as you often come across as reckless and superficial. Your hardy nature can be tough to bear for the faint-hearted.


Capricorn (December 22-January 19): Moloch

“Thorny Devil” by ccdoh1 is licensed under Creative Commons.

You are practical, yet still ambitious; you dream in shades you are familiar with, yet you still choose to dip into the heart of everything unknown. You are patient and careful, always thinking at least three steps ahead of you, never venturing further along a path you’re unsure of.

It must be miserable being so reserved.

If left unchecked, your grudge can loom over you like a thunderstorm raging on for days. Thorns along your spine and a false head on your shoulders, it’s difficult to decipher what your true intentions are. People often think before they speak in front of you, wondering if they made the right choice of words or correct intonation. You strike fear into the hearts of the timid.


Aquarius (January 20-February 18): Dumeril’s Monitor

“Dumeril’s Monitor Lizard (Varanus dumerilii) (Photo by Xavier MALLERET)” by Bernard DUPONT is licensed under Creative Commons.

You are loyal to the death, a true independent heart of wishing for the best of others; you are a calm wave in a sea of hostility, always willing to smile to even those who have wronged you in the past. You are inventive of ways to better others instead of yourself, choosing the role of selfless instead of selfish.

There is a very fine line between wading through the waters and submerging yourself in the thick of things before it’s too late.

You’re wishy-washy, an on-the-contrary kind of soul. You try your best at mediating conflict, often wanting everything to stay docile and light-hearted. It is difficult for you to come to terms with your own feelings, emotions that you never wanted always ruining your day.


Pisces (February 19-March 20): Tokay Gecko

“Tokay Gecko” by Reptiles Plus is licensed under Creative Commons.

You are sensitive and otherworldly, a whisper of empathy to those who don’t deserve you; you brandish your kindness like a knife, willing to strike down the defenses of the most cold-hearted individuals that you may come across. You’re full of laughter and smiles, happiness always bubbling in your throat one way or another.

It is easy to take advantage of such a readily-available kindness.

Easily led astray and influenced, you let your emotions abandon their confines and run free of restrictions. Bright and ever the lover of all things beautiful, your attention laughably easy to distract and redirect. Others often worry about you, how you’re so quick to sway to another’s opinion without another thought.

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