7 Ways to Help Yourself When You’re Feeling Down

Turn that frown upside down! The image is released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0.

by Itzel Rivera

There are lots of ways to deal with feeling sad, but there are two major categories: ignoring the problem and dealing with it. These seven things fit into that latter category, so you can move on with your life.

  1. Listen to Music

Sometimes you just need some nice tunes to listen to when you’re emotional. Whether the songs are sad or happy, music can change your mood. People might even listen to sad music when they’re sad to cheer up. Sometimes negative and negative comes out positive.

2. Be Kind

When you’re sad, making others happy can help make you happy. It’s like good karma. If you are good, you might get something nice in return. It may not fully change anything about how you feel but you probably made someone’s day by giving them a cookie or a simple high five.

3. Treat Yourself

Sometimes giving yourself a small break can help. Whether it’s a small manicure or one hour of TV time, it can still help. You can make yourself feel better by distracting yourself for a while.

4. Be Active

Although it can be irritating (especially when you’re REALLY sad) for people to tell you to get active, the simple act of being in motion can free your mind.

5. Write

I’ve read in many articles that writing helps a person get everything out. Whether you write for hours or crumble and rip the paper into millions of pieces, you can change how you started feeling. It just helps you get it all out and collect yourself and figure out why you were sad in the first place.

6. Talk to Someone

This is one of the main actions to do when you’re sad. Telling someone how you feel and getting help or advice can change your mood. Having someone listening is always a nice feeling. If you don’t feel comfortable with a friend, consider a counselor or a therapist. 

7. Accepting 

Acceptance is the first step to change. Sometimes what makes you sad are things that you can’t change. If you could change what happened, you wouldn’t be sad in the first place. It’s important to understand that there are somethings that we just can’t change even if we tried. Sometimes people want change to come fast, but that’s not how it works. It always takes time to make things different.


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