10 Things That Itch Me Wrong

"Question 1" by Virtual Eyesee is licensed under Creative Commons.

by Ruth Jones

  1. Smallness: That is to say, how people are so content with the world that happens outside their small monkeysphere. People don’t care about anything that doesn’t directly influence them. For example, no one seems to care about the kids in Syria, unless their kids are in Syria.
  2. Being Quiet: Why does everything have to be silent? I do like to slow down and have everyone shut up, but everyone is always needing to be polite and quiet and respectful. The world isn’t quiet, respectful, or nice. Can’t we all just scream sometimes?
  3. Money: Money rules. It is the ruler of everything. If you don’t have money you are worthless in this society. I have so much more to offer than my money. I went to California, and I saw all these people who were homeless, but they were making art. They were trying to make a living. I’m the type of person to give it away, but we need money, and that’s terrible. Everything comes back to money.
  4. Women and men on different platforms: We have been saying women can do anything men can do since at least the 1960s, but the statistics still say that women don’t get paid as much. And it’s harder for black women. Women and men of all races should be on equal platforms.
  5. Property tax: I don’t like how we need property taxes to get good funding for schools and services. Just because I’m in a good neighborhood doesn’t mean my school should be better than any other school. All schools should be the same. If anything, let school be the exception.
  6. Roles: Everyone has a role to play. It’s almost pre-determined for you. Everybody wants to get an education, get a degree, make money, fund the government that hates them, get a kid, and die. But that’s no kind of life. I’m sick of the American dream and the whole concept of that. What even is that?
  7. War: What is it benefiting? Why do we need war? Why do we have it? Why has America been fighting a war since the dinosaur age?
  8. Like really, why is war an actual thing?
  9. Money again: People can just make all the money they want and be the richest of the rich. What’s the point of competing? All the money is in one man’s pocket. There should be a cap on how much you can make. No one needs billions of dollars. What do you need all that money for? You are set for ten types of lives.
  10. Poverty: It has been increasing for so long. We could have stopped it by now. We have enough money. I don’t understand why we don’t have a budget that fits everybody’s needs. We have houses everywhere; abandoned houses —  and people are still in the streets.

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