Top 5 Best Movies Ever

Illustration by Sophie Lucido Johnson.

by Ethan Gathman

Our entertainment editor weighs in on the best cinema of all time, ever.


The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

For my number one movie I actually chose a trilogy of movies. This is because I believe that “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy should be viewed and treated as one film. The back-to-back storytelling in the three films make them feel like a single movie unlike other movie series or trilogies. “Lord of the Rings” is so high on my list because it was an astounding hit that redefined the fantasy genre. Before the release of these movies, fantasy was never taken seriously. These movies proved that this genre can have all the elements of any other genre of story. Throughout the “Lord of the Rings” there’s comedy, devastation, fun action, dark moments, and so much more. It proved to the world that fantasy can have heart and touch audiences emotionally.


The Terry Gilliam film “Brazil” is one that deserves a second — if not third — viewing. This dystopian dark comedy takes a hard whack at bureaucracy as an innocent man is accused of a crime that he never committed because of a silly mistake in some paperwork. The movie really shines because even though it takes place in the far off future it’s setting and characters are really familiar. That’s where the message of the movie presents itself, “This could very well be our world one day.” A world where not even the simplest task can be completed without signing paperwork and signing paperwork for that paperwork. A world where independent contractors are considered terrorists because they don’t work for the company that rules the earth. With times as they are now, this possibility grows more and more imminent.


Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

There’s always room in life for fun and adventure. For me, there’s no movie that encapsulates that more than “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure”. The movie mixes absurdism with quirky humor as a very troubled man crosses America, looking for his bike. It’s a comedy that uses lots of slapstick jokes and silly situations which humor you but it also intelligently sets up an entire universe that’s a little astray from our own. Even though it takes place in America and Pee Wee goes to places that we know like The Alamo or Warner Brother’s Studio, it’s the movie’s logic that makes it seem otherworldly.


The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

If you’re looking for a cool movie with cool characters that go on a cool adventure then “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” is for. This movie is the epitome of being cool as three skilled outlaws compete with each other find a stash of gold. It’s a story that takes you across many different terrains and locations and collide with dozens of different stories. Also an extra bonus is Clint Eastwood slaying in his iconic poncho.


True Stories

This Independent flick, brought to you by the Talking Heads, is far more small scale than the previous entries. It’s about a weird, little town in Texas that’s preparing for its annual talent show. It follows several different stories, the main one being the mysterious narrator who seems to know everything about everyone, while also playing a role in the story. It’s artsy fartsy without being too obscure.


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