Interpreting Integrated Arts

Integrated Arts, one of the many classes that makes ChiArts unique, has gone through changes with different teachers. What are they?

Principal Wang Has Learned A Lot Since He Started At ChiArts

A profile on ChiArts' principal, Mike Wang.

ChiArts Lit Mag Hosts Public Open Mic

ChiArts' own Levitate Literary Magazine had their first open mic night on October 18.

ChiArts Executive Director Jose Ochoa Wants to be An Advocate for Students

A profile on one of ChiArts' founders, and the school's current executive director.

Why Hispanic Cultural Heritage Month Matters

September was Hispanic Cultural History month, but people still are unaware of the reason why this month is so important.

Top 5 Things You Should Never Do In The Hallways

by Mia Schoenbeck If you're a student a ChiArts, you walk the hallways five days a week. Here are a few faux pas to avoid next time you're sidling up next to some lockers. Make obnoxious...

Paul Dorney Opens Up

After being absent for most of the 2016/17 school year, Paul Dorney is back to teaching!