10 Ways to Prompose


by Vianey Perez

Prom is coming up, and with that comes the pressure of asking your friend, significant other, or crush. It can be hard to think of ways to ask someone out when you’re unsure of how, so here are some ways to ask your potential prom date.

Directly ask them to prom

Sometimes directly asking will get you the best response. Don’t be afraid to ask someone without a big surprise, because some people don’t like being in the spotlight. (Bonus: It’s cheap!)


Try a yummy treat to give to the person you find very sweet. You can use Jello to ask someone to prom — or pizza, or even sushi.


Flowers are colorful, sweet, and not too grand for asking someone to prom. Give your future prom date some flowers because they bloom just as beautifully to you.

Stuffed animal

Build a bear! Give a stuffed animal (or build a bear if you wanna be fancy fancy) to your prom date. They’re soft and can last a long time. Stuffed animals are also light and easy to take along with you.

Reference their favorite show/movie

If your prom date has a die-hard show or favorite movie then make some use of that. Make a poster using things from the show/movie. Example: “Will you fly UP to prom with me?”

Take advantage of puns

If you have a prom date that loves puns, then that’s an approach that has prom-ise. Example: Take chocolate covered strawberries and put a note that says, “I’d be berry excited if I can go to prom with you.”

Use your moxy in conservatory 

Try using their conservatory as an idea to ask them, or use yours! Example: If you’re a dancer, come up with a small choreo for your promposal. If you’re a visual artist maybe draw them something they like.

If you’re a writer, write a story or poem to ask them. Or, if you know they’re in music conservatory, play them a song and ask them out.


Attach a paper that says “Prom?” to a real animal! Who can resist a furry animal with big eyes?

On the sidewalk

Why waste paper and markers when mother nature can be your wing man? You can ask someone by writing on a sidewalk, “Will you go to prom with me?” It’s fast, free, and earth friendly.

A classic: balloons 

And if you really don’t think you’re creative for all of those, or don’t have enough time, then use a simple balloon (with flowers if you’re feeling spicy).  Maybe include a note on why you think they’re amazing.

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