6 Things You Should Do On Your Next Snow Day

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by Abigail Facundo

Due to the severe weather in Chicago, with its early and long-lasting winter, many people have been stuck inside their homes. I mean, who could blame them for not wanting to step in the mountains of snow outside their door, or in the biting cold air?

Many people feel upset at the fact that they can’t visit outside much without feeling like their fingers are about to fall off. Can the comfort of one’s own home honestly be so bad?

It turns out, there’s a lot to do when you’re home with nothing to do! Here are my top six suggestions.

Play Video Games

Video games are hit or miss with most people; you either want to play them or you despise them. If you do like video games, then it’s a good way to pass time, especially if the game includes side quests which can take hours.

If you have a favorite video game, you can just play from the beginning, or if you’re stuck on a level, continue where you left off. Get some snacks by your side, too, in case you get hungry. 



Sometimes the best thing you can do is right in front of your eyes. Cleaning up is always recommended first, but if your room is already spot clean, maybe a little decoration is what you need. 

You might have a poster you never put up, or your bedposts are looking a little plain. Your room is your personal space and if you feel that any part of it isn’t 100 percent you, use what’s around you to brighten the place up.


Watch Videos 

Even though cable isn’t as often used as before, there are many new streaming sites to give you the same amount of content like Netflix, Hulu , YouTube, and the newest addition Disney +

Use the time you got inside to catch up on your favorite series, binge on a new show, or explore a new genre you never watched before. 


Eat Up

From personal experience, food makes everything better — even on a day where you’re stuck inside. If you have everything you need in your pantry, make a nice home cooked meal to bring your spirits up and bring a more lively aura into your home. 

Or if you’re simply too lazy and don’t want to go through the hassle of cooking, ordering in is always a good option. Especially nowadays with many delivery options, you can really get any food you want at your doorstep. 



Another hit and miss for some people. Most people like to read but never seem to have the time to actually do so. Being indoors for the day is the perfect opportunity to get some nice quiet time in with a good book. 

This is best done when all other distractions are away — and that includes any electronics. You don’t necessarily have to turn them off but it might be the best decision if you actually want to get some reading in. 


Pick Up a New Hobby

When you are bored out of your mind, that may be a sign that you need something new in your life. Before I mentioned a change in scenery, but maybe you might need something new to do. 

You can easily search on the internet of the many different types of hobbies you can pick up, you never know if one of them could be your new passion.  Try knitting! Learn how to embroider! Pick up a new musical instrument!


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