Top 5 Most Peculiar Rides at Disney


by Abigal Facundo

Mr.Toad’s Wild Ride (Disneyland)

I added this ride to the list mostly for  my own personal first impression of the ride. The ride is located in most Disney Parks, but no longer Walt Disney World. (It got replaced by The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.) In this ride you go through Mr. Toad’s day until you get hit by a train, die, and a judge with pointy teeth engulfed in red flames claims you to be guilty, and sends you to hell. 


Snow White Scary Adventure (Disney World before 1994)

This ride is also very common among all the Disney parks other than Walt Disney World, but when the ride was there, most people didn’t know that the ride had a major makeover in 1994. The rebuild was because the ride was deemed too scary for a kid’s amusement park. Pictures speak more than words and there’s a video available of the ride on YouTube, which you are welcome to take a look at. 


Haunted Mansion (Disney World)

This is known to be one of the most classic Disney attractions to exist. It’s one of those rides that you have to go on in a Disney trip; it’s a necessity and an enjoyment. Though don’t let this ride coddle you in hitchhiking ghosts: This ride is weird once you step back and take a look at it. From a man hanging from the ceiling in the intro show to the ride, to the murderous bride who killed multiple husbands for money, to the fact that you as a ride-goer die and become the 1,000th ghost of the Haunted Mansion. 


Demon Jungle (Disney Land Hong Kong)

This ride across the sea showcases topics that are generally so surprising to be in a family-oriented park. This attraction, which is only available during the Halloween season, is a walk-through attraction where the rider encounters many mythical creatures only known in legend. You get to explore the themes of dark magic and creatures you only see in your nightmares. This ride is not necessarily bad; it’s just a little weird to see a ride including black magic. 


Mystic Manor (Disney Land Hong Kong)

This attraction is more peculiar than it is creepy. The story behind this ride and the area of this land, Mystic Point, is interesting. The story goes that an adventurer named Sir Henry Mystic and his pet monkey bought a small acre of land and stored all the miscellaneous and peculiar items that they’d collected from their adventures. Who knows what treasure hides within Mystic Manor?

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