Gloss It Up!: 5 Lip Glosses to Try Right Now

Photo via Flickr, licensed through Creative Commons.

by Nick Joy

Are your lips dry, parched, cracked? Are they lacking a certain pizzazz? Are you afraid of those over-priced lip products that don’t end up working?

Well you’ve come to the right place! So put down that Chapstick and let go of the Carmex and invest in these lip products. We’re counting down the best and the brightest for the prettiest pouts. 
Smith’s Rosebud Salve

Although this lip balm is a little runny and loose, it’s extremely nourishing, especially in the winter when this balm stays firm. It provides a little pinkish tint to your lips that looks good on every skin tone. This lip balm works best on thinner lips that don’t require a lot of coverage.  It’s a little pricey coming in around $7, but it’s worth it if you want your lips to look plump and glossy.
Ulta Juice Infused Lip Oil

If you want a cheap gloss that looks expensive, HERE IT IS. It is very subtle, and much like the ubiquitous (but spendy) Glossier lip gloss, has no shimmer. I’m going to be honest, though: The only bearable scent is Jojoba+Peach. If you have really sensitive skin or are sensitive to smells I would not recommend this product at all. But if you’re not, head down to your nearest Ulta and get your lips infused with juice.

SheaMoisture Vegan Lip Balm

From renowned brand SheaMoisture, this is a wonderfully nourishing and hydrating lip moisturizer. Although it is a little thick and hard to squeeze out, all it takes is a little warming up to get moving, (like my relationships, am I right?). SheaMoisture is one of the cheaper lip products priced around $3.25. If you have fuller lips that need more coverage and longer lasting moisture pick up SheaMoisture’s Vegan Balm.


Aquaphor Healing Ointment

If your lips are cracked, chapped, and smacked. Aquaphor will ensure a resurrection. Aquaphor will be the Nile River to your Egyptian desert. Better yet, Aquaphor is a true cheapskate’s dream. Its affordable at only $4.25, and you do not have to use a lot of it to get good results.

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer

To be honest, this is the main reason why I wrote this article. If you don’t want recognize that Rihanna has officially performed a military coup on the Beauty industry, that’s fine. But you’d better recognize that she has the best most moisturizing, not-sticky lip gloss on the market. With shea butter that nourishes your lips, along with tiny specks of shimmer that don’t clump, Fenty Beauty takes the number one spot for best gloss. It’s an investment at $18, but trust me: the payoff is worth it. Period.


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