When Kavanaugh Won, The People Lost

Donald Trump applauds for then- Supreme Court nominee Bret Kavanaugh and his family. This photo is in the Creative Commons.

by Maya Bensett

Brett Kavanaugh, now a member of the Supreme Court, faced serious allegations of sexual misconduct and assault. On October 6, 2018, Kavanaugh was confirmed. Not everyone was pleased.

After being accused of sexually assaulting Christine Balsley Ford, and having a heavily reported hearing, other women who had incidents with Kavanaugh spoke up. The incidents between these women and Kavanaugh did not stop him from being elected to serve in the Supreme Court.

During the vote of 50 senators, many people stood outside the Capitol Building of the U.S. to protest Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation. People touted signs and shouted chants, pleading for reconsideration. In the end, the votes came to 50-48 in favor of Judge Kavanaugh.

Many students at The Chicago High School for the Arts (ChiArts) were sad about his win. The one thing that came up in everybody’s interview was a lack of surprise. In fact, the students I talked to said they lost hope in America’s government a long time ago.

After mentioning Judge Kavanaugh’s name in an interview, Katie Malate, a senior in the creative writing conservatory, reacted with an expletive.

“It sucks that he is in office and I feel like we are in a very dark time at the moment with politics in America because I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen next,” Malate said.

The notion of what Judge Kavanaugh’s position could mean for the country scares a lot of students.

Others weren’t sure who he was.

After learning who Judge Kavanaugh was, and doing some brief research on his case, one student (who asked to remain anonymous) said, “That’s disgusting, it shouldn’t be legal for people like him to be in those positions, they should write it in the constitution somewhere, because those types of things reflect on the younger people in the world.”

The student added, “It affects people mentally because these kids take in whatever they hear, and to have someone in office like that is disgusting and people need to be educated.”

Faith Moreno, a senior in the creative writing conservatory, said, “I feel disgusted and ashamed, but I didn’t expect anything less”.

“I knew he was going to win, but part of me hoped he didn’t,” Moreno added.

The people are outraged about Judge Kavanaugh’s position, but it doesn’t look like we can push him off his seat anytime soon.

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