What Young Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Apple


by Stephanie Galicia 

It is no joke that the Gen-Z population is on the high for becoming their own bosses through entrepreneurship and small business work. But what sparked that hinge for the hustle?

The answer might be found in the company that invented the eye for innovation: Apple.

Many teens today show a great need to be in charge and have a voice of their own. On social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, teens are not afraid to voice their own opinions and take control of what the task at hands is.

Because teens have such control, regular jobs that have them working for other people no longer seem ideal.

When Steve Jobs proposed that people “Dream Bigger,” he meant for things to be out of the ordinary and different.

“It makes me doubt school and the school system. We watched his speech in AP [Language and Composition]. He dropped out of school, and he felt that he didn’t need the educational system. It made me think, ok, if he could make all this money, I might not need to go to these big academic schools. He has made our generation doubt school,” said Damayanti Wallace, a senior at The Chicago High School for the Arts (ChiArts).

Although that was a huge hit with teens today, the quote forgot to mention the importance of being able to collaborate.

Apple’s foundation, besides thinking differently, is also depending on people being able to work together and merge ideas.

With that being said, being able to voice your opinion might also be something negative.

Teens are finding it easier to point out who the bad guy is, or what is considered bad and is leaving this idea that being a lone wolf is the best route out there.

But where did the quote stem from? Exactly from a outlook for a advice- teamwork.

When asked, “is it better to work alone or in a team?” Vianca Soria, a junior at Chiarts said, “In a team because you have a better input into the decisions you make and you have people to back you up.”

Even if Gen Z isn’t so talkative anymore, the importance of working together can make a bigger difference today. 



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