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OPINION: Give Us Our Lockers Back!

The benefits outweigh the risks when it comes to giving us lockers.

4 Ways To De-Stress

Need to take a load off? Try these easy ideas.

HOW TO: Support Your Friends

by Gillian Koptik

Is The ChiArts Election System Legit?

by Abigail Facundo There is a need within the American school system to have some form of government outside the school faculty, so we need...

Is Vaping the New Weed?

Vaping is everywhere this year, and it's not as healthy as it seems.

Why School is Unhealthy

Have you ever thought that school is hurting your health? You may be right...

The Rich Get Richer and The Poor Get Nothing: Economic Disparities...

There's a growing distance in wealth distribution in America, and it's effecting the quality of education kids are receiving.

Gentrification and ChiArts

With the move to a new building, ChiArts not only ushers in a new generation of artists but a new wave of gentrification in Humboldt Park.

Principal Wang Has Learned A Lot Since He Started At ChiArts

A profile on ChiArts' principal, Mike Wang.

ChiArts Executive Director Jose Ochoa Wants to be An Advocate for...

A profile on one of ChiArts' founders, and the school's current executive director.