5 Underrated Sodas for In-sip-ration

"Nixon would compare this soda to the Bohemian Grove" by Jason Tester Guerrilla Futures. This photograph is licensed through Creative Commons 2.0.

by Lily Potter

You’ve most likely heard of Pepsi, Fanta, Sprite, and A&W — but how about lavender soda? Or cucumber? How about peach? Why are these cool-sounding flavors so unknown to the world? Are there any other cool sodas that may be hiding in the shelves? Here is a list of awesome flavors that deserve to be popular:

Vanilla Sprite

Okay, so this one is a bit obvious. But it turns out there are some really cool flavors of Sprite that aren’t available to the general public. If you’ve ever been to a movie theater that has those giant soda machines where you can see all the flavors a brand has to offer, you may know about Vanilla Sprite. It basically tastes like a Sprite float. Which is actual HEAVEN.

DRY Lavender Soda

This one is a little odd. Lavender soda? Flower soda sounds weird as it, not to mention that this flower has a powerful scent. But in reality, it tastes like seltzer water with faint flowers. It’s clearly not as potent as Mountain Dew, but it’s got a cool dry flavor for your refined taste.

DRY Cucumber Soda

This is another of the dry sodas. I actually enjoyed this one a lot. It really tastes like the smell of a cucumber, which is a weird thought, but basically tastes like cucumbers in water. Almost like the exquisite version of the workout drink with cucumbers and lemon in water.

Vess Peach Soda

So I haven’t tried this exact kind of peach soda, but I have had Fanta’s. And this ome seems a bit different. Reading the reviews on Amazon, most people agreed that it tasted like Peach juice, the kind you can get in the little cans. The overall consensus was that it was a great flavor that nobody even sells in stores. In fact, it was sold out on Amazon when I searched it up.

Green River

THIS IS A CHICAGO CLASSIC. If you’re a native Chicagoan and you’ve never had Green River, I don’t understand your reasoning why. Despite the name, Green River does not taste like the artificial green flavor of green apple. Instead it tastes like artificial lime. But, the good artificial, where you take pride in it because of its link to Chicago.

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