Mission Statement

The mission of The Double Space, (The Chicago High School for the Arts’ digital student newspaper), is to serve the school community through honest, thorough, and interesting journalism of all types. The values of The Double Space are:

  • Relatability. We will publish articles that specifically address the needs and interests of the ChiArts community.
  • Objectivity. We strive to take inventory of as many angles as possible in order to provide the information needed to draw accurate conclusions.
  • Quality. Our work will reflect our best abilities as student writers and editors.
  • Kindness. The Double Space will never slander, bully, or call out members of the ChiArts community without sufficient evidence.
  • Self-Reflection. We are aware of and seek to explore our role as young people in the world today. We will also stay engaged in the conversation of ChiArts’ role in the changing Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago.
  • Fun. The Double Space acknowledges the importance of humor, playfulness, and joy in the media landscape.

Although The Double Space is fundamentally a product of the Creative Writing department, it welcomes submissions from anyone in the ChiArts student body. Submissions can be made to doublespace@chiarts.org .