Some Santas Sleigh — and Some Don’t

As Christmas is approaching quickly, the holiday cheer bounds along right behind it, one of those forms being Christmas media. This holiday season isn't big enough for all of the Santas in Christmas to be given their credit, so this is our list of a few of the best and worst Santas, and why!

Ten Activities to do in Autumn!

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Top 5 Best Cartoons

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different apparel on stand in clothing shop

Cheugy Woogy Doobie Moody

When generation X meets generation Z, or when Millennials meet baby boomers, one of the most noticeable differences would have to be their outfits. The younger generation  may be dressed “inappropriately” to...

Great Songs for A Fierce Fall

With the beginning of a new season comes the beginning of a brand new playlist. Here are five tracks to start off this fall just right!